The global tour EXPO PERÚ MILENARIO MAGICO 2022-2024, is a 1-day event in the 20 capitals and most important cities in the world. The main objective is to rescue, preserve, reassess and spread the ancient knowledge and skills transmitted from generation to generation as part of the tradition, identity and living culture of Cusco and Peru.

Live an unforgettable experience with the launch of the book entitled ‘’Essence of Peru and Humanity’’ and the documentary of the book ‘’Ancestral Ceremonies Peru’’. The renowned Master Chef and Inka Shaman Robert Joel Tello Vilchez performs a live show of Traditional Peruvian Cuisine and presents us his new technique of Inka Energy Cooking, Inka Energy Cleansing, Inka Energy Protection and Inka Energy Meditation. We will present the non-profit social project Cultural Tourist Complex and Healing Center “INKA’SONQO” and the photographic exhibition of ceremonial temples and Inka energy sites in the Cusco region.

The EXPO PERÚ MILENARIO MAGICO is the appropriate means for the promotion and spread at a national and international level of the ancestral culture and wealth of Cusco and Peru in all its breadth. We have the accreditation and sponsorships of national and international companies and institutions, embassies, consulates, ministries and institutions related to the objective.